Funcross Race Obergurgl – Full Speed Towards The Personal Best

World Women’s Day was celebrated in a very special way at Funcross Obergurgl. Funcross Obergurgl and the other three snow facilities at the Diamond of the Alps are exclusively shaped by women. Reasons enough to host a fun event: The second Funcross Race at Obergurgl – dedicated winter sports(wo)men and motivated junior racers got a chance to demonstrate their skills and compete with friends, family members and other racers.

Many skiers and snowboarders seized the opportunity. All in all, 78 riders registered for the one-of-a-kind race. Once the personal bib number was received, one could take on the action-packed course, right away. The special thing about the Funcross Race is not only that you can register while the race is already on, but every participant is able to race through the course as often as desired. It’s always about going for the flow and beating your own best time!

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Race, flow and chasing the sun – best possible weather at Funcross Race Obergurgl

Initially, the Funcross Race was scheduled for the day before World Women’s Day. Strong winds and bad conditions led to the postponement. This decision was more than right! The participants could look forward to perfect conditions and fully focus on one thing: Enjoying racing! And this was definitely possible on this spectacular course:

The run started with two nice and long banked curves where you could show off your carving skills. And yes, the starting section was the perfect place for demonstrating a clean downhill position. Only those win the Funcross Race Obergurgl who put in all the effort. After the first turns, you better had some flexible knees. On the waves, no single rider left the ideal racing line. Yet, they skillfully pushed away the bumps – Hermann Maier style. The course further challenged the racers who had to master the hairpin bend by bringing the body into an athletic side position. Full blast into the end section! Just before the last wave, the riders approached a last turn. The fastest racers went slightly airborne before they shot towards the last banked curve. The finish line in sight, it was crucial not to lose time. There was only one more wave to master in the flat part. Focused on a proper downhill position the participants reached the finish. Taking a breath. Checking the time. And back up to the start.

Familiar faces and new Funcross champions

The 78 participants were divided into six different categories. In two of them, last year’s winners successfully defended their title. With the fastest time of 25.66 seconds skier David Scheiber was able to win again in the men’s ranking. The snowboard women winner was by no means unknown in the Funcross world. Lana Behla made it in just 33.41 seconds and took home a well-deserved win after having already succeeded last year. The local snowboarder is part of the girls crew in Obergurgl and definitely used her home advantage. In the other categories, the Funcross Race Obergurgl crowned new winners! Anna Steiner was the fastest among the skiing women (27.76 sec) and Jordan Kelly was the quickest male snowboarder (30.55 sec). Skier Tobias Kaskel mastered the course in 28.59 seconds and won the youngsters ranking, while Cyril Wrann went for the flow on his snowboard. The timer after his run stopped at 35.09 seconds which meant the top position for the youngster.

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The Funcross Race once again proved that there’s a racer in all of us! Are you stoked after the race, now? You want to go for the flow again? No worries, we got you covered. The Funcross Obergurgl is open until the end of the season and you can race through it as often as you want. Find all the latest news about Funmountain Obergurgl on Facebook and Instagram. You want to discover other Funcross courses? Check out these flowy Facebook and Instagram accounts.

More Stuff

This season was way too short. But even though the closing of all skiing areas may break our hearts, these actions have been necessary to battle the corona crisis. Now we have to work together as a team in order to overcome this crisis as soon as possible, so you guys can still have a great summer and an even better Winter afterwards!

GO FOR THE FLOW! That’s the claim of the Funcross and it stands for fun and action away from regular slopes. During the Funcross race you can experience the feeling of perfect flow on banked turns, little jumps and snow waves. On March 19, the second Funcross Race of the season takes place – and as always, it’s all about fun!

It’s time to bring authentic racing experiences to Gurgl again! On Thursday, February 27, the Funcross Race takes place at the Diamond of the Alps. There, experienced sportsmen and -women as well as motivated youngsters can rush through the flowy track and compete against like-minded racers.

Attention to all carvers, we got a big announcement to make: There´s a speed control at the Anna-Park FunCross. So, let´s ski even faster! On February 8, going faster will be highly rewarded in Annaberg.

This bison does not live in in the prairie, its home is the Funcross. The BISON X by PRINOTH works perfectly in special areas like the Funcross Turracher Höhe. Thanks to the work of our experienced snowcat operator Hilton Scott and his BISON X, the highest quality and safety measures are guaranteed at the Fun Mountain. We paid him a visit.

The empty, perfectly shaped Funcross is in front of you. All other participants are waiting behind you for their turn. Behind you, that´s where they are supposed to be. Your run will prove that, it’s showtime. You enter the starting gate, take a deep breath and throw yourself into the Funcross. Welcome to the Funcross Race Series 2019/20!

While others still mourn warmer times, we already said our goodbyes to summer and fall and are ready to welcome the cold, frost and winter like good old friends you haven´t seen for far too long. We are ready to start into the season 2019/20!