Results Funcross Race 2019

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On March 28, 2020 the Funcross Race Series will stop by at Warth-Schröcken!

Attention to all carvers, we got a big announcement to make: There´s a speed control at the Anna-Park FunCross. So, let´s ski even faster! On December 28, going faster will be highly rewarded in Annaberg.

The empty, perfectly shaped Funcross is in front of you. All other participants are waiting behind you for their turn. Behind you, that´s where they are supposed to be. Your run will prove that, it’s showtime. You enter the starting gate, take a deep breath and throw yourself into the Funcross. Welcome to the Funcross Race Series 2019/20!

While others still mourn warmer times, we already said our goodbyes to summer and fall and are ready to welcome the cold, frost and winter like good old friends you haven´t seen for far too long. We are ready to start into the season 2019/20!

We’re looking back at an action-packed winter. We hosted events like the Funcross Race where like-minded skiers and snowboarders were challenging each other at Funcross Obergurgl or the Funcross Speed Snap in Annaberg. And once again, the Funcross was the place to be for flowy runs.

Check out this speedy video from Funcross La Para/Biok and go for the flow!

Credit: Daniel Ausweger & Lorenz Pöham

World Women’s Day was celebrated in a very special way at Funcross Obergurgl. Funcross Obergurgl and the other three snow facilities at the Diamond of the Alps are exclusively shaped by women. Reasons enough to host a fun event: The second Funcross Race at Obergurgl – dedicated winter sports(wo)men and motivated junior racers got a chance to demonstrate their skills and compete with friends, family members and other racers.