Funcross Turracher Höhe

The part of the Fun Mountain that satisfies your need for speed – that’s the Funcross! The slope for all speed enthusiasts is located by the Kornockbahn. At a length of more than one kilometer, you’ll find the perfect combination of flowy passages and highlights here.

The racing experience starts with banked turns, which put your skills to the test and give you the first impression of Funcross flow. Next up, the snow tunnel: Downhill position and concentration are needed – this way, you’ll lose a minimum of speed. The normal slope crosses the Funcross at this point, but since it leads over the snow tunnel you will keep all your speed or flow!

After the tunnel our Slope Cop is waiting to make sure you don’t exceed the speed limits – or worse, fall below the maximum speed. But don’t worry, there are plenty more banked turns and snow waves before you pass the Slope Cop’s radar gun. Now it’s up to you: Speed up and read your personal best time before finishing the course.

But don’t worry: Even those who are “just” looking for fun or prefer a more relaxed riding-style are welcome. Because the Funcross Turracher Höhe offers a great racing experience for everyone!