Ready to Race? How to prepare yourself for this Winter!

We can´t wait for the season to start. Soon we can Go for the Flow again! Of course, real racers already prepare their equipment before winter arrives. And that in the most efficient, but cheapest way. We show you how.

Basic wax and a normal iron

To treat your ski right, you do not necessarily need the newest edge tuner or the most expensive racing wax. you don’t want to prepare your winter equipment for the downhill race in Kitzbühel, you want the maximum flow while carving down the Funcross. For that, a basic wax for 10€ is more than enough. The same goes for files and the iron: Whoever wants to improve his skills in preparing his equipment, does not have to buy a ski wax iron, but can use a traditional iron. You have to keep in mind that you won´t be able to iron any shirts with it afterwards, though.

How to tune ski edges

To tune ski edges properly, the stoppers at the ski binding have to be tucked in with a rubber band. As soon as the ski is fixed properly on the working table, the fun can begin:

  • Base edge tuning: The ski is laid on the working table with the base on top. Then, the file is put on the edge and dragged smoothly into the driving direction. The base edge is tuned at around 0,5 degrees. To achieve a flat angle like that without an edge tuner, a folded piece of paper can help. That way the base won´t get any scratches as well. Of course, a professional tool would be much more precise.
  • Side edge tuning: As soon as the base edges are finished, turn the ski 180 degrees and lay it on the sidewall. This time, the angle between file and edge is from 88 to 90 degrees. A metal bracket or a tuning tool help tuning the side edge properly. After grinding the edges in the driving direction, the edges on both ends of the ski have to be dulled with sandpaper, otherwise the ski would act too aggressive. Make sure to wipe the ski with a tissue after tuning the edges, so that no iron filings remain.
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How to wax your ski

Following rule applies on both, traditional slopes and the Funcross: If the ski slows you down, your day on the mountain is only half fun. That’s why passionate sportsmen and -women wax their ski before having their first day of skiing:

  • Wax: Again, the ski is fixed with the base on top. Hold the block of wax right over the ski push it against the hot iron, which should never be hotter than 120 degrees when you are working with basic wax. In order to make the ironing afterwards easier, make sure that the wax drops form a zig zag line. Who doesn’t want to work with hot wax, can drag the dry wax block over the ski several times.
  • Ironing: The naxt step is to iron the wax into the ski base. For that, you put the hot iron onto the ski and drag it from one end to the other. Make sure that the iron won´t stay at one place for too long, because that way the ski can get seriously damaged. After ironing the ski, the whole base should be covered with wax.
  • Remove wax: After letting the wax dry for about ten minutes it has to be removed again. Put the blade on the top of the ski and drag it to the bottom. That has to be done until all wax is removed. Don’t forget about the edges, there is an extra notch in the blade for that.
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Now you are Ready to Race. Just in time! The first skiing resorts are opening already, and you surely want to be the first one on the mountain. If you interested in news anout the Funcross and some tips and tricks concerning skiing or snowboarding, check out our Facebook Page and Instagram account!

More Stuff

To guarantee maximum fun in our fun facilities, it's worth taking a look at our FIS rules at the park entrance of Funslope & Funcross. The rules are not only intended to contribute to your safety, but above all to guarantee fun. Together with piste manager Bernhard Schupfer, mountain bunny Hopsi took a closer look at the safety rules. Let's goooo:

This season was way too short. But even though the closing of all skiing areas may break our hearts, these actions have been necessary to battle the corona crisis. Now we have to work together as a team in order to overcome this crisis as soon as possible, so you guys can still have a great summer and an even better Winter afterwards!

GO FOR THE FLOW! That’s the claim of the Funcross and it stands for fun and action away from regular slopes. During the Funcross race you can experience the feeling of perfect flow on banked turns, little jumps and snow waves. On March 19, the second Funcross Race of the season takes place – and as always, it’s all about fun!

It’s time to bring authentic racing experiences to Gurgl again! On Thursday, February 27, the Funcross Race takes place at the Diamond of the Alps. There, experienced sportsmen and -women as well as motivated youngsters can rush through the flowy track and compete against like-minded racers.

Attention to all carvers, we got a big announcement to make: There´s a speed control at the Anna-Park FunCross. So, let´s ski even faster! On February 8, going faster will be highly rewarded in Annaberg.

This bison does not live in in the prairie, its home is the Funcross. The BISON X by PRINOTH works perfectly in special areas like the Funcross Turracher Höhe. Thanks to the work of our experienced snowcat operator Hilton Scott and his BISON X, the highest quality and safety measures are guaranteed at the Fun Mountain. We paid him a visit.

The empty, perfectly shaped Funcross is in front of you. All other participants are waiting behind you for their turn. Behind you, that´s where they are supposed to be. Your run will prove that, it’s showtime. You enter the starting gate, take a deep breath and throw yourself into the Funcross. Welcome to the Funcross Race Series 2019/20!