The Funcross picks up speed!
We are heading into season 2019/20

While others still mourn warmer times, we already said our goodbyes to summer and fall and are ready to welcome the cold, frost and winter like good old friends you haven´t seen for far too long. We are ready to start into the season 2019/20!

Funcross – There´s a lot of work behind it!

Before motivated winter racers can throw themselves out of the starting gates and into the Funcross, the special track has to be planned, designed and built up by the professionals of the Shape Academy first. After all, a racetrack should not be considered a Funcross until it can guarantee flow, action and maximum safety with its design! This season, three new projects go through this quality control: The skiing resorts Warth-Schröcken, Schilthorn – Piz Gloria and Bergeralm were picked up the racing fever and will go for the flow this winter! With the Funcross Schilthorn, we officially set foot in Switzerland! These new Funcross are joining the already well-known projects in Alta Badia, Annaberg, Canazei, Obergurgl, the Turracher Höhe and the Planai.

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Preparation is everything – not just at the Funcross!

But it´s not just us, who got to some homework to do before the beginning of the season. Passioned winter sportsmen and -women have to make preparations: edges got to be tuned and skis have to be waxed. You want to know how to prepare your equipment cheap and without a service at a sports store? We got the answer here! It is no secret, that good equipment improves the own riding experience a lot. In the end, it´s the same for hobby skiers as for professional racers: Preparation is everything!

Ready, Set, GO! – The Funcross Race!

It is THE Funcross Event par excellence: The Funcross Race! At the Funcross Race in Obergurgl last season, 78 skiers and snowboarders took part at the race. Long story short: The event was a total success! For Gurgl, that was reason enough to host two races this winter. But that´s not all: Another Funcross Race will go down at the new Funcross in Warth-Schröcken! At this unique race, every skier and snowboarder can sign up and rush through the Funcross as often as he or she wants to. The fastest times not only reap fame and glory, but also win cool prizes!

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Your action pics and follow videos at the Funcross

Attention to all friends of a quick carving turn: There´s a speed control at the Anna-Park FunCross! Means for you: Carve even faster! Because at the Funcross Speed Snap in Annaberg, a photographer is taking professional photos of every racer who is rushing through the track – and there is also a chance to win cool prices at the raffle afterwards! While we got a photo session going on in Annaberg, there´s a film shooting in Alta Badia! At the Follow Me – Action Day at the Funcross La Para, skiers and snowboarders are filmed while rushing through the track. The result is an action-packed follow video and a nice memory of a skiing day full of flow!

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We are heading towards an awesome winter! Until the first Funcross opens its gates, the Facebook Page and the Instagram Account are some pretty good addresses to stay updated. See you at the Funcross!

More Stuff

This season was way too short. But even though the closing of all skiing areas may break our hearts, these actions have been necessary to battle the corona crisis. Now we have to work together as a team in order to overcome this crisis as soon as possible, so you guys can still have a great summer and an even better Winter afterwards!

GO FOR THE FLOW! That’s the claim of the Funcross and it stands for fun and action away from regular slopes. During the Funcross race you can experience the feeling of perfect flow on banked turns, little jumps and snow waves. On March 19, the second Funcross Race of the season takes place – and as always, it’s all about fun!

It’s time to bring authentic racing experiences to Gurgl again! On Thursday, February 27, the Funcross Race takes place at the Diamond of the Alps. There, experienced sportsmen and -women as well as motivated youngsters can rush through the flowy track and compete against like-minded racers.

Attention to all carvers, we got a big announcement to make: There´s a speed control at the Anna-Park FunCross. So, let´s ski even faster! On February 8, going faster will be highly rewarded in Annaberg.

This bison does not live in in the prairie, its home is the Funcross. The BISON X by PRINOTH works perfectly in special areas like the Funcross Turracher Höhe. Thanks to the work of our experienced snowcat operator Hilton Scott and his BISON X, the highest quality and safety measures are guaranteed at the Fun Mountain. We paid him a visit.

The empty, perfectly shaped Funcross is in front of you. All other participants are waiting behind you for their turn. Behind you, that´s where they are supposed to be. Your run will prove that, it’s showtime. You enter the starting gate, take a deep breath and throw yourself into the Funcross. Welcome to the Funcross Race Series 2019/20!

While others still mourn warmer times, we already said our goodbyes to summer and fall and are ready to welcome the cold, frost and winter like good old friends you haven´t seen for far too long. We are ready to start into the season 2019/20!